Study In Canada
Many people choose to study in Canada. There are many opportunities specifically for foreign students. Often those who study in Canada can join the workforce when they graduate.

Looking to Study in Canada?

Education is an important step in permanent residency in Canada. There are many Canadian schools to consider. There are many programs out there for international students. study in canadaThese programs are designed for students in all disciplines and areas of interest.

If you are an international student studying in Canada, there are some perks to consider. During the school year, you can work up to 20 hours a week. You can also work full time on breaks. Students can bring a spouse or partner to Canada with a work permit. They can also bring children to Canada to study.

Study Pathways to Permanent Residence

There is a set pathway that international students can consider. They must find a school and a program. They have to be admitted to the school and get a study permit. After that, students study in Canada. After graduation, there are many permits to allow students to stay. The goal is to educate and train students to work in Canada. Many programs are designed for this reason. International students, after graduating, will find the right program and gain work experience. After a certain amount of time, they can then apply for permanent residence.

International Students in Canada

study in CanadaIn Canada, students are encouraged to get trained and set up a long-term career plan. The goal is to fill the workforce with talented workers. Those who want to study and work in Canada are welcome to bring spouses and families too.

Renew or Change a Study Permit

A permit has a set start and finish time. It’s important that students are aware of those times. This is also the case with following the rules of the permit. You can renew or change the study permit that you have. It is important to do it before the current one expires.

You are able to extend your study permit if you are undergoing further training. You can also change schools on your study permit as well. The goal is to keep your permit valid and accurate and to make sure that you are happy with your education.

Spouses and Family

Family is important and study permits consider this. While studying, students can bring a spouse or children with them to Canada. Students can also have other family members visit them if the right visas are in place.

Spouses are allowed to work with any employer by getting an open work permit. The timing should align with that of the student’s permit. A spouse can also get a visitor’s visa first and apply for a work permit later.

If you are bringing your family with you, you can have one full application done for your family. If it will include several permits, it’s a good idea to separate them.

Remember to extend all permits together if needed. This will keep all permits valid and up to date for everyone’s protection.

Post-Graduation Work Permits

Post-graduates should be able to have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 or 7 depending on the job they are looking to keep. This program is designed only for workers who wish to work outside of Quebec.