About Us
Dedicated and Trustworthy Language Training Center offering language proficiency classes for IELTS, CELPIPAND CAEL.

 At IELTS Brampton, we aspire to keep individual learning needs and requirements in perspective. It is this individualistic approach that differentiates us from the others in the industry.


We want our students to learn and succeed not only in their exams but also we teach in a way that they are prepared for the future endeavours in terms of their English Language Proficiency.

1. Student Centric

At IELTS Brampton, we are highly engaged with the students. We want our students to achieve the desired score and are willing to help them in any way possible.

2. Ambitious

At IELTS Brampton, we understand our duty in moulding individuals. We believe we play a small but significant role and we do so with a level of quality and honesty.

3 . Developing

We are determined, composed and constant learners. We are a group of enthusiasts who work with smartness and dedication to fulfill the needs of our Test-takers .

4. Co- operative

At IELTS Brampton we are one. We don’t operate individually but together as a family. We have a vision, and each of us is contributing to it at every level.

Factors that make us Brampton’s most successful IELTS Preparation team

● Individual attention for all modules(Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking).
● Immediate feedback is given.
● Content customized as per students’ needs.
● Provide latest practice materials.
● Tips and Techniques.
● Accommodating Class timings.
● Extra help on Foundational language skills .
● Both paper-based and computerized training provided.

Outlines and Features

An effective and strategy-based approach to teach IELTS that takes at its pivot the notion of self-sufficiency. Throughout each class, we show one how different modules can be practiced and also individual feedback is given to every student in all the modules .


We train students to understand accent and hidden meaning in the audio. Explanation is given in detail on how to find answers for MCQs, Maps, Labelling Diagrams and Fill ups.

● Reading

Information on how to read between the lines and understanding various concepts such as comparing, recognizing information and views of the writer, identical
information, completing sentences, flowcharts.


In-depth understanding on attempting various writing topics. Strategies on how to draft introduction, body paragraphs and conclusions.
(Vocabulary, Task Achievement, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical resource and Grammar Range and Accuracy are crucial for writing. Attention is paid to enhance a student’s skills specifically in these areas.)

● Speaking – Individual time is given to students for practicing and assessing : IELTS interview questions, Cue-card, and Discussion questions


(CELPIP) All the parts of speaking such as situational questions, giving advice, describing a scene, making predictions ,comparing and persuading ,dealing with difficult situation and expressing opinions are explained and practiced in the class.

Students are marked on the basis of Fluency and coherence , Lexical resource , Grammatical range and accuracy and pronunciation in speaking and these areas are key features to obtain a high score in speaking so these factors are paid immense attention to while teaching.

Meet Jaya Aurora

Jaya Aurora is the founder of ATLIS Immigration Services and IELTS Brampton.

Jaya has a strong educational and professional background. The following are just a few of her many qualifications:

Masters in English, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors of Education, and a licensed RCIC professional.

Jaya wears many hats. She is a professional Immigration Consultant. Over the years, Jaya has helped several people across the globe immigrate to Canada. She is a qualified English teacher who has helped hundreds of students pass the IELTS exam in flying colors. Check out Jaya’s outstanding 5-star ratings on Google here. These incredible testimonials speak volumes about Jaya’s hard work, dedication, and passion for her profession.

Jaya is an individual who strives to make a positive difference in people’s lives by sharing her knowledge and experience.

If you choose to work with Jaya, she will commit herself to help you succeed. The question is, are you ready.

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