IELTS Speaking Sample #7

IELTS Speaking Sample #7

Part 1

Good afternoon. Could I have your full name please?

Good afternoon. My full name is Luo Xiaojing; that is my Chinese name.

All right. And can I see your passport, please?

OK. Here you are.

Thank you. That’s fine. Now, in the first part of the test, I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. Ah, let’s talk about what you do. Are you a student or do you have a job?

Mm, I’m a student now I have the language course is in Macquarie and then I will going to have the Master of Commerce.

OK. And, er, why did you decide to do a Masters of Commerce?

Mm. Um, because I think, if I can gain the Master degree maybe I will give a good job in China. And I will have a more opportunity, uh, to get a good pay job which is more appealing.

All right. Um, later in life do you want to study something else?


Later in life do you want to study something else?

Yes, of course. Cause I think study is, uh, is better to me and, uh, I think, uh, I … I will continue my studies throughout my life.

OK. Ah, now let’s go on to the topic of reading magazines. Um, what kinds of magazines are popular in your country?

Maybe the magazine about the superstars such as movie star, uh, TV star and, uh, the singer, the famous singer. Um, a lot of younger people like to see the magazine about it.

Right. Um, why do some people prefer to read magazines rather than books?

Mm. I think one of the reason is that in magazines, um, the people can see a lot of pictures then colorful and I think it’s fantastic.

OK. Can you learn much from magazines?

Oh, something. You can gain some information about the magazine but I think, um, I will … I will not spend a lot of time to see the magazine.

OK. Do you often read magazines?

No, not often.

Right, um, now I’d like to talk to you about drinks. Um, what are the most popular drinks in your country?

Beer, yeah.

Yeah, OK.

And, uh, maybe Coca Cola, but I dislike it. I always drink the orangey water and, uh, just drink the water.

All right. Um, are there any drinks that people have at special times?

Mm, yeah, uh, I think maybe in the parties such as birthday party or any, uh, celebration kind of party, the people will drink a lot of such as, uh, beer and any alcohol, alcohol water. Yeah, alcohol drink, sorry.

Mm hm. All right. Um, are there any hot drinks you like?

No I don’t like.

OK and, uh, what do you think are the healthiest drinks?

Mm. In my country a lot of people believe that, um, a little drink is better to your health, but I’m not sure because I think the men is always drink a lot and they cannot control, so I think drink is lot to their body.

Part 2

Right. Now we have the second part of the Speaking Test. I’m going to give you a card about a topic, and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes.. Before you start, you can have one minute to think about what you are going to say, and if you want to, you can make some notes. Do you understand?


All right. So here is some paper and a pencil for making notes, and here’s your topic. I’d like you to describe a house or an apartment you’ve lived in and which you liked.

Describe a house or an apartment you have lived in and which you liked.

You should say:

  • when you lived there
  • how it looked inside
  • what kind of area it was in

And explain why you like living there.

All right? So remember, you can talk for one to two minutes. I’ll tell you when the time is up. Could you start speaking now, please?

Yeah, now I will describe a house to you. Um, once I have been to Sydney I live in a big, very big house. The house has in Willoughby. You know Willoughby is quite far from the Macquarie and I like … I like the house very much because it’s, it’s very beautiful. The house is very big. There are six bedroom and two toilets, hm, a kitchen, a living room, uh, and a, a very big parking room. I think it’s very big, um, because in, in China my apartment is quite small so I fe … I always fix stress when I live in it. Mm, ah, ah, after, after the courses I always go to, go to my house, I prefer to stay in my bedroom instead of go outside because, uh, I have a little friend and I think, uh, the house is quite comfortable. Mm, uh, of, of course I have three, three housemate. Most of them come from China. We always chat but, uh, one of the problem is that we always chat with Chinese. I think that is not good enough to me. Uh, in a word I like the house and I think it’s beautiful, clear, large and, uh, it’s very comfortable, so I think it’s better for me.

So is that home similar to other places in the area?


Is that home similar to other places in the area?

Mm, no, maybe not.

OK. All right. Well thank you very much.

Oh, thanks.

Part 3

You’ve been talking about a house or an apartment you have lived in, and now I want to discuss a few more general questions connected to this. Firstly, let’s look at finding a place to live. Um, how do people usually find a place to live in your country?

In my country, always go to the, uh, look for the advertisement and to gain some information about the house. Ah, maybe you, maybe the people can use a computer, um, collect the information from the Internet or buy some new newspaper, they always have some information about it. Ah, of course there are agents about just, uh, work for the, the rent, so I think it’s quite easy for a person who want to have, who want to have, who want to have looking for a house.

All right. So what factors do you think determine where people choose to live?

Mm, I think most of, most of the important reason is comfortable and the price and the convenient. Yeah.

Right. And, um, how would you compare, then, living in an apartment and living in a house?

Mm, when I in China I live in the apartment, it’s quite small, mm, and, ah, I will feel, um, it’s not as comfortable as the house. However, uh, in my, in my a … , a sorry, apartment, I, I never find any insect because I live in the fifth floor of the building, the building quite high and, uh, higher world than when I lived in the house. Uh, sometime they can find the insect climbing to my house. I’m afraid of it.

All right. Well, now let’s look at home ownership. Um, do most people in your country rent their home or do they own their own home?

Mm, if they have house or apartment, uh, most of people prefer to live in his own house because the, the rent of the house is quite expensive, especially in Shanghai and Beijing and in other big cities. Mm, I think the people should not put some money to rent a house if he had his own house. That’s not economic.

So what do you think is the difference in attitudes towards a house if you are a renter or you are an owner of that house? Do you think their attitudes towards their homes are different?


Um, no, do you think an attitude of a renter, um, of a house compared to the attitude of an owner of the house is different?

Oh, of course it’s different. If I have my own house, I lived in it and I feel, oh, that it, that belongs to me. And I think I have a family, um, but if I live in the house just rent from somebody, I think I’m always worried maybe I will have to move another house.


I think that it quite different.

So how does that affect how they treat the house?

Mm, treat?

Um, how, how they, um, how they treat that house. So, do you think that they think of the house in a better way or a worse way, if they are a renter?

Yeah, uh, I think the people can compare with others. If I have rent a house and I lived it for a, for a long time, maybe I think, oh, it’s OK to me, but when I look, um, with it to my friend, maybe I will find out that his house is better to me, so I will all think maybe I will have to looking for another house.

OK. Lastly, let’s look at residential areas. Um, do you think that it’s better to live in the city or that it’s better to live in a suburban area?

Mm. I think the both benefit and, uh, disadvantages to live in the city or the countryside. Uh, in the city the life will become very convenient and it’s, it’s very easy for you to go out for shopping and visit your friend and, uh, check bars to any place, but I think the, maybe the environment is not good enough and the traffic is bad too. If you want to go out or go to work, go to university, you’ll find that the traffic always block, it will waste a lot of time. Mm. However, if the person live in countryside, uh, and the life is very leisure, but I think you maybe you will feel lonely. Yeah, nobody can try to reach you, nobody can tell, can take care of you. You just live by yourself, and maybe you just stay at home and watch the TV and, uh, call your friend. I think, uh, it’s bad for the young people.

OK. Well, thank you very much. That’s the end of the Speaking Test.


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