IELTS Letter topic: Personal asking for the forgotten file

As an IELTS writing instructor, I am often asked by my students what the secret is to successful writing.

IELTS Letter, topic: Personal, asking for the forgotten file

You stayed at your friend’s house when you participated in a business seminar in Australia. You left a file with important documents in the room. Write a letter to your friend, describing the file and ask him/her to return it to you by post.

My dearest Philip,

I am sorry I am writing only now. Firstly, I would like to thank you for all the attention and support you gave me while I was in Sydney. Things like that are priceless and I feel blessed to have you as my friend. I expect you and Maria to come to Mumbai soon, so that I try to somehow reciprocate equally joyful moments as those you propitiated to me. However, I am also writing because of the fact that I forgot a very important document in the room where I stayed at your house.

The document is a signed contract and was the most important reason for my trip to Australia, after the business seminar I attended. You certaintly can imagine how desperate I have been in the last days looking for this document in my luggage. I could not find it anywhere and now I am sure I left it in your house.

Please let me know if you find it, and post it with express delivery as soon as possible. I will pay for the expense; just let me know your bank, account and branch numbers.

With best wishes,

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